When you teach your dog basic commands like sit, stay, down, stand or come, you are opening up a whole new world of communication with them and the best part is, these commands are just the beginning for them. Once you and your dog master the fundamentals, you will find teaching your dog new things a breeze. Some dogs go on to do apparatus or personal protection, which require high levels of obedience. These are just a couple of ways to maximize your dog’s potential. Training your dog is a very rewarding process and the bond that you develop with your dog is where that saying “man’s best friend”came from and is also part of being a responsible dog owner as well.

Josh Maltby

I have been a Dog Trainer for 25 years. I got into dog training as I had been breeding Pitbulls for about 10 years. I worked underMike Martin (aka The Wolfman) for 6 years and learned all of his techniques without the use of treats. In addition to working with Mike, I also worked for7 of the top kennels in Ontario where I learned how to do personal protection and apparatus, both of which require the highest level of obedience using one command control. I deal with all types of dog behaviours, including aggressive dogs.  

Mike Martin

Mike Martin, the principal trainer, has over 50 years of experience training dogs and has worked with all sizes and all breeds. No dog is too young or too old to benefit from his program. Mike's passion is dogs and he is fully committed to developing them both mentally and physically into well-balanced canines. Mike works closely with over 30 local veterinary clinics that believe in his methods and have witnessed results in dogs that they have referred. Some of the most difficult cases have been referred by vets who see dogs that have been misunderstood and not given a chance to show their full potential as good canines. Mike also works with the local pet stores and groomers and is highly respected. But not all dogs that are enrolled in his program have behavioural issues, and Mike enjoys working with these easy clients.

Our Brand

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