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After my husky puppy ran out of the house and crossed a busy street, I knew then I needed to get proper training for Luna. Everyone told me that it’s impossible to train a husky and they will always have to be tied up. I researched all the dog training places in my area and decided to go with Mike Martin, WOLFMAN K9 OBEDIENCE.
I remember my first meeting with Mike he asked me what were my expectations for Luna? I told him I wanted a dog with a great personality, to be loyal, and to be able to walk off leash.
Mike then asked me why I purchased a husky as they are one of the more difficult breeds to train, their naturally not loyal and they are runners.
Obviously I didn’t do my research on the breed but when I asked him could it be done, he said yes but it will take a year.
I did the year training with Mike and Ryan, I couldn’t believe the transformation. Luna went from taking off to now walking off leash right by my side. She is wonderful around children and other dogs.
Some people may say that Mike is rough around the edges but, honestly I appreciate the honesty and the no fluff. Ryan is a wonderful trainer; he explains how our actions give our dogs mixed signals.
Thank you Mike and Ryan for all your hard work, we love Luna dearly and are really enjoying her.