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Wolfman K9 Obedience - References

Don’t take his word for it, see what Mike’s clients are saying about him.

6 February 2012 - Featured Dog - Sally


Mike the Wolfman is the real deal. He has a real gift for helping people and dogs understand each other and grow to be happier together.

How did it start for us? We were very lucky to find Sally, our beautiful GSD, at our local animal services. She was about 9 months old, in a little rough shape. Nervous dog, but really sweet.

After a few months of being responsive and predictable, however, things started to change.

Intense leash aggression. Dog fights at the park. Aggressive barking at guests. Lunging at strangers. Nipping.

We were experienced dog owners but this was beyond our level of comfort. We tried a couple of trainers in Toronto to no avail. Good, well-qualified people. But not the right fit with our dog.

Things were not getting any better. Hopelessness set in.

And then we met another dog owner at the Park who told us about Wolfmann, out in Caledon.

“Caledon… that’s a bit out of the way,” we said. But the behaviours he described his dog as once having displayed were the same as we saw in Sally at the time. And yet here was his dog, a boxer, coming on command, sitting and lying down with no trouble, playing to his heart’s content. Loving. Happy.

So we called Mike. We paid him a first visit. The drive was absolutely lovely. We liked Mike’s Harley Davidson swagger and his great pack of “recovered” dogs. He guaranteed results. We tried it. We kept coming back.

We learned a whole new approach to training and communicating with dogs. And Sally is a completely transformed dog as a result.

She walks beautifully on leash. She runs in the park with happy abandon. Sally comes on command. She stays on command. She sits when we ask her to. She lies down at a distance when asked to.

Sally thinks humans are now ok. She even expanded her circle of human friends. Slowly.

It’s not perfect – she’s not robo-dog. She still has moments and whims. But we can read them and we are confident that we are in control at all times.

She’s happy. We’re happy.

Four months. Twice a week. Lots of practice at home. That’s what it took for us working under Mike’s watch.

Each dog and owner is unique. We found our speed and are very happy.

The method? It’s not that complicated, once you learn it. Wolfman taught us proper leash technique. Clear command communication. Showing our body language in way she can understand. Reading our dog’s signs.

But it’s more than the tricks – any book can teach tricks. It’s about the application. Motivation, discipline, modeling, and practice, lots of practice, around Mike and the gang.

Mike is a terrific teacher. He is hands on with his training. He’s a good motivator. He pushed us when we needed to be pushed. He corrected us and showed us the right way of doing things, again and again, until we got it. He explained the rationale behind the techniques. Theory, practice, a dose of common sense.

Mike the Wolfman… the real deal.

Best from Sally and her family.