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Featured Dog - Pebbles


Pebbles is a miniature Golden doodle that just turned one in February. She has brought a lot of joy to our home. We got her from a kennel up north and were quite pleased with the transaction. At first we had another kennel in mind but felt they weren’t as forthcoming as our choice. We brought her home and we were so excited. All the way home she was sleeping like a baby and my 3 girls couldn’t be happier.

After a few days of one eye open at night, things seem to settle and a lot of Pebbles’ character began to show. She started to jockey for a position on the totem pole in the house, which was a little odd for us since it was our first experience with a dog. She started to get a little nippy and aggressive at times which worried us a bit but we thought it would go away. After a few more battles with her we decided to enroll her in to a puppy class or obedience school.

At the vet where she had her shots we were given the names of a few trainers that were recommended. The first call was to a Canine Aggression Specialist who made me feel like I had made the biggest mistake by getting this dog. He suggested that she might become so aggressive that she may need to be put down at some time. This made me feel very uncomfortable. The second call was to Mike Martin, the Wolf Man, who seemed to have all the right answers and attitude as it pertained to Pebbles. So my husband and I set a date to meet with Mike and see if we felt as comfortable in person as we did on the phone.

When we walked up the path we met with a couple of monsters named Nitro, Lexington and Gator and as soon as we saw them we picked Pebbles up and held her tight. These huge dogs were Mikes’ own dogs and some of the gentlest, biggest dogs we’ve ever had contact with. I think at that moment I felt that I was at the right place. We met with Mike and felt more confident that we were going to get the proper training for our new addition.

Mike has shown us proper training techniques and has helped us to understand different behaviors of dogs including Pebbles. We learned how to handle Pebbles and how to allow her to socialize with other dogs. We attend puppy parties on Sunday and have found these parties to be very helpful in socializing Pebbles. Mike and his wife are very helpful and professional at all times. I do like the idea that I can bring Pebbles at different times during the week, which is very convenient for our schedule. Mike’s work schedule and expectations are very flexible and are tailored to the needs of his customers. Pebbles attends with different family members and works on her training while Mike demonstrates, guides and instructs us on the proper handling techniques. Mike has also been a great source of information for us. His knowledge and experience with dogs has given us first time dog owners, the confidence to be successful and very happy to have Pebbles by our side.

Today Pebbles has settled down somewhat. In our eyes she will always be our little puppy. While it has been difficult for me to cut those apron strings (or leash) we are now training Pebbles to go off leash. As a mother, I’ve learnt to be very patient with Pebbles and I realize that training does not happen in one day but it is a lifetime commitment. Our family, including Pebbles would like to thank Mike, his wife and his helpers. You do a sensational job and we have recommended you and will continue to recommend ‘The Wolf Man’ to all dog owners searching for the perfect trainer.

Paul, Rosanne, Tiana, Alexia and Ciera.