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Featured Dog - Luna

Lola and Luna


RE: Wolfman K9 Obedience School

We are a family that has had pet dogs for the last twenty 20 years.

When our adult son brought home Luna, a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) puppy in April, 2016, we had no idea what was in store for us. We enrolled Luna in a puppy training class when she was about 4 months old. This training was based on a reward (treat based) program, whereby the puppy is rewarded with treats for responding properly to the basic commands, ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘walk’. Since Luna loves food, we found this initial training to be quite successful. We fully intended to continue the ‘treat-based’ training with Luna, in the next session to commence a few months after the puppy training classes, however, something changed.

As Luna got older, she also became much larger. At six (6) months she was approximately 65 lbs, and she started to display signs of aggression. Luna became very protective of our son (her master), even when one of the immediate family members were around him. She started to display very aggressive and violent behaviour towards cars and people visiting our home. We had to stop walking her in public as she displayed signs of violent and aggressive behaviour at the site of children, bikes, cars and other dogs.

Her sudden aggressive behaviour was overwhelming and of concern, as we had no idea what she would be capable of when in that state. When we contacted the dog training school we attended with Luna as a puppy and explained her current behaviour, we were advised that they do not work with dogs with this type of temperament, and that they could not help us.

We reached out to doggie day care businesses in our area in attempt to ‘socialize’ Luna, however, most of the people we contacted, once they were apprised of Luna’s behaviour, advised that Luna would not be a fit for their facility. Others advised that we could bring Luna to their facility, however, she would be given an electronic collar to control her behaviour, so they could control her. I was uncomfortable with the electronic collar being used on Luna, as I had also read that if this type of equipment is misused, it may promote even more aggression in the dog.

Despite the random erratic aggressive behaviour Luna had started to display, she was still a very loving, affectionate and enthusiastic member of our household. While it felt like we had more dog than we could handle in Luna, it was just too late to give up on her, we all loved her too much for that!

When I explained our concerns with Luna to Calvin Neohring of Profences, who was at our home on a service call during this period, Calvin suggested that we contact the Wolfman (Mike Martin).

I immediately contacted Mike by phone and described Luna’s behaviour to him. I was very happy to know that while I was describing all of the negative behaviour we were experiencing with Luna on the phone to Mike, he was neither surprised nor unfamiliar with anything I was saying. On his advice, we proceeded to have Luna spayed (she was now 7 months old). Four weeks after Luna’s procedure, we started training with Mike and his co-worker Ryan.

When we arrived at the training facility, Luna was absolutely out of control. She was growling, trying to lunge at Mike as we spoke and just foaming at the mouth with rage. Mike continued to speak to us as calm as ever, completely ignoring all of Luna’s antics. He instructed our son to fit her with a prong collar, and immediately gave our son instructions on how to get Luna to perform the basic functions, of sit, stay and walk, on our first visit there. Despite the presence of other people, dogs and cars driving right by our training field, for the first time in her life, Luna was obedient and following basic instructions.

Both my son and I were dumbfounded. While we knew that Mike would eventually help us manage Luna, we never expected such an instant response from Luna.

The most important lesson we learned that day, is that we must understand Luna’s psyche. Once we understand Luna’s thought process and what her brain is wired up to do (Cane Corso’s are often used as security dogs), then we can communicate with her in a language she understands. Mike explained that if you do not become the pack leader, the dog will automatically assume the role.

The Wolfman’s program is guaranteed to work when you make the commitment to attend the classes twice a week, and you continue to work with your dog at least 30 minutes every day, enforcing the exercises learned in the training class. Mike offers a flexible training schedule that will accommodate all lifestyles and schedules. His training environment mimics real life as random people and dogs will be present in the training field on any given day. The goal ultimately, is to learn to communicate with your dog with simple hand gestures.

On a day to day basis, we see Luna responding to us with obedience, respect, affection and enthusiasm. She is a much happier dog. Luna no longer questions what her role is, and accepts that we are in charge. Her ability to learn and understand what we ask is impressive and exciting. The Wolfman genuinely understands the temperament of each dog and the behaviour typical of specific breeds. Once he observes your dog and their temperament, he teaches you how to best manage your dog in a way that is most effective for you.

We have only been in the Wolfman’s program for three months with Luna. She has come such a long way from that first day we met Mike. She now weighs approximately 85 lbs and she is still growing like a weed. We fully intend to complete the 1 year training with Luna and look forward to each lesson we learn, as Luna is bonding with us in ways I never thought possible. She is also very calm and well behaved in the presence of strangers.


We are very grateful for the assistance and guidance we have been given by Mike and Ryan in training our Luna. I would recommend the Wolfman Team to all dog owners, of dogs of all sizes and breeds. The experience can only enhance the special relationship you have with your canine friend.


Lola Fazzalari