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Featured Dog - Elsa


This is all about ELSA

She is our 6th German Shepard. All our other dogs except one were rescue animals. They all had issues, but nothing too bad (ha ha). A few of them ate furniture and two of them ripped up the kitchen floor and ate most of the tiles, house training was a little bit of a miss. But it was love all around.

Then it was time for our last dog to go into doggie heaven. I wanted a pup not an older dog. So as a gift I ended up with Elsa. I decided this time I will train my dog the proper way. I am always on the net looking for doggie this and doggie that an ended up on Mike’s website.

We ended up in Mike’s place. O lordy lordy, what a welcome we got: a pack of large dogs greeting us a running in the parking lot (all friendly).

We liked what Mike had to say and we started training, training me not Elsa. Elsa got a gentle touch and I got scolded.

We went to certain level with training, and attended the Sunday puppy parties, which were a great experience for both of us, then I stopped going.

I thought maybe some agility training would be a good change for Elsa. Wrong…Big-time. Training was based on treats & more treats which Elsa was not used to, lots of small dogs and no initial sniffing or contact. So Elsa did not behave well. Barked a lot and went after some of the dogs.

I was ashamed and upset and we were told not to come back. I was told Elsa needed a “shrink”. This was ridiculous as Elsa was never a problem mixing with other dogs at the WOLFMAN’S.

Back to Mike’s we went, I let Elsa run off leash and she was so good. No barking, no attacks on other dogs. I was so happy. And NO TREATS. Woo Hoo. Mike explained the problem with treats by telling me, if your dog runs off and won’t respond, what are you going to do, throw a cookie at it.

This past summer we did apparatus training & she was ok and could handle most of the obstacles.

We have gone to dog parks, a cottage, camping, played with small dogs and large dogs in the neighborhood, met new friends and no problems. She is so good she is almost boring.

Training is magic potion and every dog should have it.

Thank you Wolfman

Anne, Don and Elsa