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Featured Dog - Bear

I had owned many large breeds in my lifetime and was always told how comical I looked being so little (5 foot 1) and handling dogs that were bigger and heavier than me, but never really had any issues. But once I had kids, I took a break and just switched to a small breed, to allow my kids to benefit from a presence of a dog without putting their safety at risk. After more than 10 years, I finally went back to large breed and Bear (a Rottweiler) was it; we got him as a birthday present for my husband who had longed for a Rottweiler all his life. However, he had never had the opportunity to own ANY type of dogs, so I knew the responsibility was on me to ensure this dog would integrate well into our household.

Bear was a three month old when I first heard of Mike through my husband’s co-worker who was also his client. Though I had never felt the need of taking formal obedience classes with prior dogs, it was very apparent that my husband and kids were in dire need of it, as Bear was very quickly establishing himself above them in rank of our “pack”. I researched and visited many facilities, as I had a clear idea of what I was looking for, be it flexible hours, family training (as I knew some members of our family would take longer to learn than others), no treats, etc.

Though at first Mike and I somewhat disagreed on an aspect of his training, he still took the time to allow me to observe and explain the reasoning behind it. I purposely showed extreme resistance to see whether he was a true believer of his methods of just a salesman (I should mention car salesmen HATE me), but Mike patiently continued to demonstrate to myself and my kids how to properly handle the pup (without any sales pressure). As I left, I became convinced that Mike’s first and foremost objective is to bring up confident, happy and obedient dogs.

I know we still have a way to go before completing Bear’s training, but we have already witnessed a WORLD of difference in our interactions. We are truly beginning to enjoy our dog, rather than continuously correct him during our day to day dealings with him.

Thanks Mike for your help and patience!

Ana Leo