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2 July 2012 - Featured Dog - Archie

From the moment that I saw an advertisement for American bulldog puppies I knew that this was the dog for me. After researching and reading up on this breed for years, the day finally came when our family made the decision to add to our growing family.

Archie (aka The Big BRUTE) is our boy’s name and he travelled by plane from California to live with us. The idea was to go down and pick him up so that he would be able to travel in the cabin of the plane with us, but by 8 weeks of age he was already 20 lbs. and too big to travel under my seat in the plane. This is when it started to sink in that I’m going to need help with this new addition.

At 3 months of age Archie already outweighed our 2-1/2 year old at the time. He constantly jumped up and would knock him over or push him to the side as he went up or down the stairs. Our youngster constantly complained that Archie’s bothering me or Archie’s not my friend. This was not at all what we wanted but I knowing that Archie was just a puppy needed to know the rules.

I took it upon myself to start training throughout the summer, with some success but lacking in the consistency department, I found myself doubting what I was teaching. I then went on a few chat boards and talked with people in the local area and one Dog Trainer kept popping up The Wolfman.

So one late summer’s evening Archie and I went out to see Mike and find out for ourselves what he was all about. Our visit started off rather embarrassing as Archie jumping wildly and barking at the other dogs in training to play, none of which gave him the time of day as they were hard at work. One of the first things that I noticed was how relaxed the atmosphere was despite people coming and going. Lots of distraction and yet not one dog was out of control. Most of Mike’s clients at the time had only been doing the program a few short months I found out later. One client in particular impressed me most this was an older woman with a big German Shepherd and the control she had over him was impressive. If she could get these results I figured surely my brute and I might have a chance in this program.

It’s been about 4 months now and what a change. Although we still have a lot more to do in the program I’m very excited watching Archie’s progress. Archie has now learned to be a better companion to our now 3 year old who now refers to him as his best friend.

Thanks Mike for all you guidance

The Chorley Family