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Wolfman K9 Obedience - References

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Featured Dog - Amy


One of the joys of retiring was I could finally get a puppy. I presently have a 13 year old golden retriever that I adopted 3 years ago, so I decided on a golden puppy. After much research I found a breeder, booked my puppy and was thrilled Amy would be ready to come home a few days after I retired.

Then came finding a trainer. Entering the “Golden Years”, it was important for Amy to be obedient on and off leash and also respectful of the older dog. I went to observe clicker classes and treat based training. A few trainers said I would be a distraction to the dogs if I watched a class. Not enthused by anything I had seen, I was thrilled when I got a recommendation for a wonderful trainer. I was told to call Mike Martin, the Wolfman.

I wasn’t sure if my cuddly bundle of fluff needed to be handled by a “Wolfman”, but I called Mike and made an appointment to meet him. Amy melted under his gentle caress. I liked his systematic training, philosophy and especially his gentle manner with my puppy. From the first meeting he built her confidence. I loved the concept of my puppy working for love and affection rather than food. My search for a trainer was over.

Amy has flourished under Mike’s guidance. She is highly distractible and very social but Mike has given me the skills to teach Amy to focus on me, rather than her surroundings. His training is a step-by-step progression. He layers on each new skill, training both the person and the dog to master each command.

Best of all Amy loves to go to school. After 7 months with Mike,
she is working on her off leash training. I am still amazed when my new young dog will ignore the other dogs and distractions on the field and come when I call her.

Amy has started apparatus work with Mike. Watching the joy, confidence, and exuberance she displays is a credit to his training. He has brought out the best in my young dog.
Amy is ready to be tested for her Canine Good Neighbor programme and hopefully next year will go on to be a Certified Therapy dog.

I am so lucky to have found Mike to educate my puppy and turn her into a responsive and obedient young dog. We passed a gentleman on our walk and he commented on what a lovely trained dog Amy is. I proudly responded, “Yes she is!”.

Thank you Mike