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17 May 2017 - Summer Training 2017

As we are now entering the summer months, please pay closer attention to the weather. Mike is very concerned for you and your canine’s training in the hot months ahead. Take a minute to review the hot hours located on the Services page. If Mike deems it too hot to train, a notice will be posted on the website. Hot hours will come into effect if the base temperature is 28°C or higher and/or if the humidex is 30°C or more.

Please check the website prior to venturing out for training. If you arrive at the training academy and the gate is closed, Mike has deemed that the weather is not suitable for training.

If there is rain , Mike will train in light drizzle or intermittent showers. If there are thunderclouds in the sky or thunder and lightening, training is CANCELLED. Mike is concerned for your safety and does not want to you be out in the field. Storms can move in and out quickly and there is very little shelter on the field.

When you come for training in these warm months, bring water for your canines and yourselves. Please bring towels to dry off your dog after training.

Mike reminds his clients to not use poop bags when picking up your dog’s poop. Please use the pooper scoopers available around the property and discard the waste in the field. If you must use poop bags, please take it home and dispose of it in your garbage. There are no waste receptacles on the property available for waste disposal.

Please respect Mike’s personal backyard area and his dogs by not walking around the back of the house from the parking lot. It is not a walkway and his dogs are often enjoying the backyard and will travel to the fence and bark if you go around the back. Please walk up the driveway to access the field.

Mike appreciates your cooperation.

Please remember…

If it is too hot for man or dog, keep your walks short, forget runs, play time, or even trips to the dog park. Wait for the evening coolness to take them outside. Keep them cool. While you may think it is great outside for a walk, run, bike ride or playtime, your canine has a fur coat on and can suffer from heat exhaustion and/or heat stroke in a very short time. Be vigilant in watching for signs of these conditions. Don’t leave them in the car even with the windows open! Leave them at home in the cool. Provide lots of cool fresh water. Wait for the heat wave to break before resuming your normal activities.