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Wolfman K9 Obedience: DOG PARKS

For more information call: 289-924-1550



Please be aware that dogs are contracting kennel cough (a really bad cold for dogs), as well as ticks and fleas after visiting leash free dog parks.

Symptoms of kennel cough can be throwing up, coughing, fever and listlessness. Giving your pet lots of clean water and a light diet of rice and boiled chicken with canned peas and carrots is good nutritionally during this time. If your pets are showing symptoms you are not familiar with contact your vet to be sure or if you want contact us.

If you have recently visited a leash free dog park and think your dog may have been exposed or is exhibiting the listed symptoms above, please give us a call before coming to training as these conditions are contagious to the other dogs on the training field.