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About the Wolfman

Wolfman K9 is unique in that Mike offers individual and family training in a stress-free, real-life environment. At Wolfman K9 Mike feels that all of the family, including children, should be involved since he feels that your dog is an important part of your family. With open hours available during the day and evening, Mike offers what no other training service can match. Since the training program is geared to each individual client, you have the luxury of being able to come in at your convenience without the stress of meeting structured class times and an impossible schedule. At Wolfman K9 Mike welcomes you to come out and visit us, bring your family and your dog, and see what he does firsthand.

Mike Martin, the principal trainer, has over 50 years of experience training dogs and has worked with all sizes and all breeds. No dog is too young or too old to benefit from his program. Mike’s passion is dogs and he is fully committed to developing them – both mentally and physically – into well-balanced canines. Mike works closely with over 30 local veterinary clinics that believe in his methods and have witnessed results in dogs that they have referred. Some of the most difficult cases have been referred by vets who see dogs that have been misunderstood and not given a chance to show their full potential as good canines. Mike also works with the local pet stores and groomers and is highly respected. But not all dogs that are enrolled in his program have behavioural issues, and Mike enjoys working with these easy clients.

Mike’s experience with animals is not limited to just dog training. In the past, he has run his own kennel and stables, and has been a breeder of 5 different breeds. He was also Master Trainer of one of the largest obedience training academies for over 5 years. His experience is vast and he has seen all of the different behavioural scenarios. Mike provides practical solutions for any and all types of problems.